COMPA is the broad-based environmental coalition taking on the coffee industry. As the world’s 6th most polluting crop, coffee impacts all of us. Creating a global brand initiative that could lead the movement for change in the coffee industry was my task. Protecting the environment and sustaining farmers’ livelihoods—my purpose. COMPA coordinates, incentivizes, and invests in collective impacts that fuel sustainable farming and transform global economies, the environment, and the supply chain.
"Nathan's openness to new concepts and frameworks was inspiring. His innovative thinking seamlessly integrated brand design and business strategy, resulting in world-changing visions. His commitment to collaboration and challenging norms enriched our program."

—christian saclier
vp design innovation at pepsico
assc. professor at artcenter college of design
Disparities in the coffee industry are unethical, inequitable, and unsustainable—for the people, the industries involved, and the planet. Extrapolating future impacts requires understanding entangled problems: a toxic and volatile coffee trade that pressures farmers despite unsustainable demand.
COMPA's opportunity—niching down as environmental champions through a model that helps sustain farmers' livelihoods. A diverse network of stakeholders, specialties, and industries working toward a shared vision that supports the interdependence of supply- and demand-side users. 
Leveraging a combination of systems thinking, design thinking, and innovation strategy guided my development of a multi-sided platform that fosters a complementary value exchange to benefit all stakeholders. For generational farmer-roasters seeking innovative solutions, connected coffee roasters who prioritize sustainability, and conscious coffee enthusiasts who value ethically sourced products, this exchange is in the form of a network effect that leverages sustainability, ethical consumption, and accountability—key drivers shaping consumer behavior toward collective impact and transformative outcomes.

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